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Humans of Parsons

MEET Doyel Joshi, rising senior in Fashion Design at Parsons. She is from Mumbai, India and is the co-founder of the blog, The Clicheists.


Why did you choose Fashion?

Because it is a form of art that indulges deeply in the reflection of self and that of the others around you. As pitiful as it is, the exterior speaks before the interior and clothes are a catalyst to that dialogue.

Artists Statement:

It’s this idea of the human experience and how I as an artist can reduce it to its spirit. It’s about creating original designs by investigating the human condition unapologetically.

About The Clicheists:

Inspired by the minuscule and ordinary, we would often engage in discussions that would leave us startled, inspired and in search of ways to channel it. The Cliche’ists defy cliché in search of originality. This blog serves as a portal for discussion, inspiration and critique of the design world, and New York City. We are being featured at the Parsons Festival: Making/Meaning 2014 Show.

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