ALMOST THERE PEOPLE !!! Ending the semester like a pro.

The last month of the semester is near,

and I know exactly how you feel.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue.

Parsons is beautiful,

and so are you.

To be even more glorious,

joyous and victorious,

Parsons needs your attendance

and then summer will grant you independence!

So follow these beautiful tips,

after last night’s lunar eclipse.

Treat finals with no fear,

and the best for the coming year!

1. Don’t be lazy


2. Don’t snooze that alarm clock.


Starting the day by procrastinating is like bombing for peace. Leads nowhere.

3. That shower will wake you up more than 35 cups of coffee.


4. And so will a healthy breakfast


5. You might think skipping class is whatever.


6. But you know, better than I do, that you will not be more productive at home.


7. Ugh, I know.


Link for full brilliant gif here.

8. So no excuses people!


9. Because we are putting our faith in you


10. And will be missing you this summer!


Humans of Parsons

Meet Andie Enomoto and Taylor Kaclik, both Seniors in Fashion Design, and creators of Cerebral Creatures, a lifestyle+fashion startup. Andie is from Honolulu, and Taylor is from Mars, Pennsylvania.


Andie: I called my parents after the first day of Freshman year and told them there was a “really abrasive” girl in my 3D class.
Taylor: Yep, that “really abrasive” girl was me…

"During our sophomore year of fashion, we learned a lot of fundamental design and construction skills but missed the freedom of creating, unblemished by being deemed a homework assignment. We would commonly meet up for coffee around the city or hang out at each other’s apartments to sketch in order to take a break from our daily Parsons routine. As our sketchbooks started to fill up, we began posting our work on our individual blogs and social media accounts. We received positive feedback from our peers and were inquired about making shirts and additions of prints. We didn’t really think anything of it in the beginning because for us, it was purely a detox from the stresses of the Fashion program.

We found that working together provided us with an amazing sense of creative energy, constantly generating new ideas from the inspiration of one another. We decided to create a joint space where we could combine our individual personal media consisting of photos, poems, thoughts, illustrations, etc. As our blog developed, we realized that our media evoked a cohesive lifestyle and aesthetic even though we grew up on opposite sides of the country. We recognized a consistency in our joint work and saw the potential of building something together. Utilizing skills we learned in our sophomore and junior year about creating brand identity, we focused on customer, lifestyle and the idea of collaboration, in order to focus the concept of what is now our company Cerebral Creatures.

Our brand philosophy stems from our delight in creation from imperfection, blending city edge and the roots of nature’s breeding into a singular lifestyle. This connection of contrasting elements was a central idea in the development of Cerebral Creatures’ identity. We couldn’t believe how seamlessly the two of us had begun working together and how valuable partnerships could be. The level of focus on passion that we were surrounded by at Parsons was unreal, and we saw the practicality and potential of connecting ourselves with our peers as well as connecting them with each other. We constructed a website for Cerebral Creatures with the hopes of providing a space where people could showcase their passions in hopes of sparking creative conversations.

This past summer we both decided to devote our break to our startup. Though students are always encouraged to focus on internships in the summer, we had both completed several in sophomore and junior year, and saw the potential and value of building a brand from the ground up. The two of us executed all aspects: from patterning, designing, and sewing, to marketing, shipping and expense managing.

Both being interested in hand made goods, we signed up for screen-printing through Parsons during our junior and senior years. We were really enthusiastic about what the course enabled us to create, everything from shirts and prints, to post cards and hangtags. We were also able to design custom packaging in order to further execute the quality of our product.

In the process of building Cerebral Creatures, we always made sure to treat it as something separate from our school design work. It has been our space to create, fueled by illustration, photography, hand made goods, and accessibility. Though at times it was difficult to manage our time between school and Cerebral Creatures, doing them simultaneously has created great momentum in both areas of focus. It also allows us to produce thoughtful gifts for our peers who we watch work so hard to do what they’re passionate about.

We started Cerebral Creatures as an outlet to express our own creativity, but over the last year and half it has transformed into a space where we are able to combine different voices. It has given us an opportunity to be active in multiple facets of a brand and to make mistakes on a small scale while being challenged to solve them. In addition, this small operation has transformed our entire Parsons experiences. Bringing our collaboration from Cerebral Creatures into the classroom during our Junior year, we began working on portfolio projects together and are now in the process of executing our partnered Senior Thesis.”

Advice to First years who want to go into Fashion:

Taylor: Never take no for an answer, but remember to stay humble and kind. Treat each day as a job interview, your teachers and peers may become some of your best connections. Always try to keep things in perspective—everyone is dealing with the same amount of work, stress and lack of sleep. Lastly, and most importantly, never complain, because honestly, no one wants to hear it.

Andie: Every opportunity is whatever you make of it. I’m sure your grandma has told you this before, and you should listen to her. The amount of genuine effort you put in directly corresponds to how much you’ll benefit. There is something to take away from every experience; it all depends on your outlook. Don’t whine, there is always someone just as talented waiting to take your place. Anyone would rather hire someone eager to learn with positive energy, than someone who may be more qualified but has a bad attitude.

Humans of Parsons


Meet Joel Califa, a Senior in D+T

Joel is from England/Israel and has been in New York for just over 4 years. Joel is a pun MACHINE and the President/Founder of Code Club!

"The Code Club has been doing great, and it’s open to pretty much anyone who’s interested in learning. We have free pizza and drinks every week (Fridays, 7pm, room 304 in the new building), and this semester we’re planning workshops on javascript, ruby, iOS, and android. For beginners and experts alike! Just show up. We’re looking for new leadership to take over next year. Being passionate is more important than being a great coder, so come see if you’re interested"

Connect with Code Club here


We  have a lot of first years coming into the office with one of two questions: can I change my schedule (over tally in a class), or can I have an internship? There are always the same rumours floating around; you know a friend of a friend who had an internship in their first year, or hear about an upperclassman who got into that class that was full- these anecdotes are anomalies and are not school policy, so as Peer Advisors and students we want provide some clarity and personal perspective.

1. You are not going to like all of your classes.

This is a reality that is important to face now. You have a certain amount of required courses to complete your program, and you are bound to love some more than others. You are going to have instructors that you vibe with, and some who just don’t fit your learning style. You are going to pick up some skills like an expert, and really struggle with others. All of these things are expected and ok! Use the challenging experiences to learn and grow, instead of immediately throwing in the towel.

As first years there is sometimes this urgency to make amazing work immediately, and only in the areas related to your intended major. All of the skills you’ll learn in your first year will be helpful to you no matter what major you choose (it may not be obvious now, but it will become clear as you move through your degree).

Experiment, make mistakes. We are all plagued by FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but don’t jump the gun!

And speaking of FOMO…

2. No internships in your first year!

A lot of people get really excited when they are offered an internship with a big name designer in their first year, and you may feel as though you are missing out on an opportunity if you don’t take it. This is totally understandable, but there is a very good reason why you are not allowed to receive credit for internships until your junior year! The point of an internship is to utilize skills you have learned at school in a real world setting. In your first year you have not acquired those skills yet. Companies that offer internships to first-year students, do not require that you get school credit for the internship, and are NOT paying you, are the places you will most likely be getting coffee and running errands (ie. doing FREE WORK). If you wait until your Junior year you will be eligible for internships at places that require you to receive school credit, which means that they appreciate the value of your skills, and it will be a much more fulfilling experience.

10 tips for surviving finals


You might think an all nighter is the best way to get the most work done but that is false! No sleep = tired and silly mistakes. Take a nap to rejuvenate and then back to the drawing board. That way you will get more done with better quality work (and prevent yourself from showing up on


Sounds simple, but it isn’t. You get so wrapped up in your work you forget it is lunchtime. Eat healthy meals. Your body needs all the nourishment during this stressful time.


It is not a joke. You don’t want to be shaking during your final presentation.


Try to get stuff done in advance. I know this sounds impossible because everything is time consuming and back to back, but try and be efficient because that is one way to prevent the all nighters.


Sleep, shower, and wear a nice outfit. This will make a huge difference. Crits don’t want to see someone who looks like the rolled out of bed. It is important to look professional.


For the inevitable moment the spinning beach ball of death plagues you and you have to force quit your applications. (check out this related Ted Talk)


If you haven’t already noticed, the computer labs get full and the printers get backed up during finals. Printer problems are not an excuse for being late to a final critique!


Everything takes longer than planned. Make time for that!


You NEED to stay hydrated.


The hour before a presentation is not the time to prepare what you want to say especially when you’re running on little sleep. You worked an entire semester to get to this point, you don’t want to mess it up by not knowing what to say. Pump yourself up, practice in front of the mirror, jot down some notes, do whatever works for you and rock it!

Best of luck to everyone!